Vaping Saves Artificial Grass from Cigarette Damage

Springtime is an opportunity to roll out the artificial grass. It’s a time-consuming process that requires attention to detail. For smokers, stopping frequently to take a few puffs slows down the process. Vaping offers an alternative for natural and artificial gardeners. Here are a few reasons that smokers may choose to use Zyn nicotine pouches while working outdoors.

Cigarette Butts

Cigarette butts are bound to damage artificial grass. While taking a puff may curb a nicotine craving, it’s going to be challenging to keep the cigarette butts from hitting the turf. Once a glowing butt drops to artificial grass, the butt’s heat will damage the plastic. For smokers, Zyn nicotine pouches offer a simple solution to curb nicotine cravings with a tobacco- free pouch that a user places underneath the top lip. By squeezing the pouch between the lip and teeth, the user receives a rush of nicotine in a burst of flavor. The nicotine pouch alternative prevents artificial grass amateurs and pros from risking damage to the turf while installing.


Vaping doesn’t leave a stale odor like cigarette smoke and cigars. Using vaping cartridges and accessories will protect the artificial grass from picking up those offensive odors. Instead of lingering smoke, the vape smoke smells like the vaper’s favourite e-liquid flavor. For smokers, the variety of Zyn nicotine pouch flavors provides a welcome respite from the traditional smoking experience. With 30 minutes of flavor in each pouch, the user has plenty of time to complete working on the artificial grass before it’s time to pop in another Zyn.