What to Consider When Buying Artificial Grass

Having artificial grass is a good way of introducing exterior decor and making your home look attractive. Having greenness around your home, without the expense and maintenance that needs to be done regularly is an added advantage. There are many types of artificial grass in the market. The challenge always comes when people are trying to choose the variety that they feel will work best for them. Some of the things that should be put into consideration include:


Before buying artificial grass, you should ask yourself how many people will be walking on the grass, and how often they will be doing it. For instance, if you have pets and children who will be running up and about without a care in the world, then you should opt for tougher grass that can withstand the traffic. You should also factor in some of the things that you will be doing with the space. If you will have some outdoor furniture that might press on it, the quality should be better.

The Pile Height

The pile height simply means how tall the grass is. Most people assume that picking a taller pile height for their artificial grass is ideal as it will make the lawn look greener. This is not entirely true. Taller pile heights tend to go flat faster because they are heavier and the blades weigh on each other. You also need to maintain a taller pile height more than you will with shorter ones. There have been many discussions on the sustainability of artificial grass and even though there was no consensus on which side had a stronger argument, there is a general argument that having well-maintained lawn makes the home look classy.

Reputation of the Company

Not all artificial grass companies are equal. There are some that have established a good reputation for providing quality artificial grass. Make sure that you spend time reading reviews from homeowners and people who do home decor professionally so that you know which company to buy from and the ones that you should avoid.

If you find yourself struggling with choosing the right artificial grass for your home, you should reach out to professionals who sell and install them and ask for guidance. There are also several tutorials online that can help you make the right decision.