Using Artificial Grass Around the Home

Most of us can say we enjoy the great outdoors. It’s beautiful and allows us to breathe fresh air into our lungs. But, how great would it be if elements of the outside world could be brought into our homes, allowing us to enjoy nature all the time? Well, it can be! Continue reading here for our simple guide on how you can use artificial grass around the home to bring a slice of the outdoors into your house.


It’s common for pets, particularly dogs, to be taken outside regularly so that they can run around in the open air and can go to the toilet too. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have access to a garden at home or to be close to a large field where our pets can be let loose and allowed to do their business. Artificial grass can be an excellent substitute for an outdoor space, allowing our animal friends to enjoy nature without having to have easy access to it close by. Consider putting some artificial grass into a tray and placing it in the kitchen or hallway. This tray will have the familiar feel of natural grass and encourage pets such as dogs to use it when they need to pee. Trays with artificial grass are also more appealing than a dog urinating anywhere else or putting down absorbent pads. AstroTurf, due to its synthetic nature, can even be great in a garden when pets are around as it isn’t prone to the same thinning and yellowing as real grass when pets urinate on it.


Okay, so they’re not necessarily artificial grass. However, a green rug can be used effectively to give the impression of nature in the home. A shaggy green rug can resemble grass in some ways while having the homely feel that’s wanted when decorating the house. Artificial grass in the centre of a living room would perhaps look out of place, which is where a green rug can come in. Use the rug to enhance the natural elements of a space and to create those earthy tones we all love in nature.

Indoor Garden

If you don’t have access to a garden outside your home, consider creating one inside. Perhaps you have a spare bedroom that could be decorated to look like a relaxing outdoor space. Lay down artificial grass for the ground, ensuring it’s fitted correctly, and include garden furniture such as chairs and tables to create a real feel of green space. You could even go further by decorating the walls to look like the sky. Use indoor plants to breathe extra life into this garden space inside your home.