Dealing With Dog Poop and Urine the Easy Way

Just like us humans, animals have to go to the toilet too, and this can mean that dogs go many times per day, and may even poop twice or thrice as well. Dog owners think that artificial grass turf will not be suitable to act as their pooch’s personal bathroom, yet, what they do not realise is, that it actually cleans up better than nature’s equivalent.

So How is Artificial Turf Better?

The imitation variety is superior just because, among other things, the grass is not subject to yellowing or thinning due to your dog’s constant urinating and pooping. This is because, as the turf is synthetic, it is easy to use products that get rid of odours without destroying the grass in the process.

What is the Low Down on Dog Urine Damage?

Dog urine happens to be more difficult than poop to get rid of when your dog does his or her toilet on natural grass. This is because, when compared to faeces, which at its worst, has an extremely unpleasant smell, urine contains a lot of nitrogen, which can permanently destroy natural grass by generating dead spots and burning its roots.

The dead patches mean that nothing can grow in that region later on, unless you no longer have a dog, or you have the soil replaced. This could be very expensive indeed, as there can be literally hundreds of patches, which means that the entire garden will have to be re-soiled. To that end, the services of a professional company with specialised equipment will have to be called upon.

Going Eco-Friendly

Now, more and more dog owners realise that artificial grass for dogs makes looking after your pooch more enjoyable. Artificial turf boasts pet options that are incredibly eco-friendly. They reduce the effort and amount of time it takes to looks after their garden.

Few Odours on Your Pooch

As the artificial turf is far more hygienic than its natural equivalent, this has an excellent knock-on effect for your pooch. It can mean that your dog has fewer bacteria and germs than they would have from natural grass and mud after they have been to the toilet. As a result, this is much better for you and your home!