Going Smokeless to Save Artificial Grass Spaces

We already discussed vaping as a safe tobacco alternative when working with artificial grass. It protects the grass from fire and also avoids the odour that may stick on the grass surface if the smoking happens in an enclosed space. You can take even greater care of your artificial grass by using Snus as a nicotine source.

If you pick this option, you can buy ordinary or tobacco-free snus from online shop Northerner conveniently at any time. They stock brands such as Nordic Spirit, Vid, Fumi, Helwit, Velo, On! Klint, Thunder and Zyn. This variety makes Northerner one of the most diverse tobacco product shops on the internet. Timely delivery is another strong selling point for the Northerner online shop.

Why Snus?

On top of the benefits of vaping, buying snus allows you to work seamlessly when laying artificial grass. The pouches are placed between the gum and the lip for extended periods, allowing your body to soak up their effects gradually. This leaves your hands free to work without taking breaks every now and then. Disposing of them is easy and safe for the fire-sensitive grass; you just drop the pouch in a bin and carry on working.

To keep artificial grass looking as good as its natural counterpart, you must protect it from hazards as much as possible. Smokeless tobacco products serve you dutifully to this end. The fact that some snus are tobacco-free makes them even safer for the surface- and for you too!