Artificial Grass is Far Healthier

These days, it is undoubtedly all too easy to pick up a lawn care product in a plastic container at our local supermarket. This is all in our quest to kill off the weeds, and look at and enjoy a lovely lush garden. But is it that simple?

The Inconvenient Truth

Did you know that millions of pounds of chemical pesticides are used by garden owners on their natural grass every year? And that recent research has warned of the clear and present danger of the potential hazards connected to using them? What people do not realise, is that these toxic products are making their way into our homes and bodies, as they rapidly contaminate our indoor air and furniture surfaces, thereby putting children, adults and pets at risk, as their levels become 10 times higher than pre-application levels.

One important study, which was conducted by the CDC in America, showed that out of 9282 participants from across the nation, pesticides were prevalent in 100% of those who had both their urine and blood tested. Further, the average participant was found to have 13 out of the 23 pesticides which were used in the study. So research confirms that artificial grass is far safer.