Your Pooch Will Not Know the Difference

Your dog will not be bemused once you have converted your garden, so it is adorned with evergreen mock turf. Further, if you ensure that you have the correct infill, this will guarantee that your pooch feels very cosy and comfortable. So, when you watch your dog walking around in a circle following their tail, just before sitting down, you can smile to yourself, that you have done the right thing!

The Benefits of Infill

There is a choice of several forms of infill. The best ones are literally a coated sand which comes in various different colours. The infill is perfect for dogs, other animals, adults and children, as it is classed as non-toxic, and therefore, it is safe. Further, it is very durable.


A cheaper alternative to sand is thatch. This is a natural product also, as it incorporates materials such as dead leaves. It looks perfectly natural on a mock lawn and makes your pooch feel great. One drawback to sand, though, is that eventually, it will decompose, hence you will have to replace it more frequently.

Silica Granules

Rounded silica granules are not expensive either. The granules are processed so that they are beautiful and smooth, something that is essential for your dog’s paws, and durability. In addition to these benefits, it is excellent for drainage. Moreover, the granules prevent the spread of bacteria, as they have an anti-microbial outer coating.

Say No to Crumbled Rubber

This form of infill is not suitable for pooches. And although it is incredibly durable, it is unsuitable for pets, and can even burn their paws, as it absorbs heat from the sun, and consequently, heats your garden up in a heartbeat.

Grass Blades Make a Big Difference

As a dog owner, when you are ready to buy artificial turf, you also need to think about the type of grass blades on offer. This is a crucial element which few people would even consider. Usually, we always look at the price, and the aesthetics of a product, and make our choice then and there. However, due to your furry friend, who spends half his or her life in the garden or yard, there is more to it than just that.

So Which Type is Best?

The blade style endows you and your pooch with a beautiful, comfortable lawn to sit on, as well as essential drainage. The majority of dog owners find that a mixture of curly blades and short straight ones work the best. This combo creates the most realistic looking grass, and even feels like real grass when you and your pooch walk on it.

On top of this, there are other options which you can consider. And although this may seem like a chore, it is better to take your time, and ensure that everything is perfect for you and your pooch!