Creating an Avant-Garde Home

When actually designing the interior of a home, it is sometimes fun to think outside of the box. Going down the avant-garde route can get the creative juices flowing. This allows homeowners to be more inventive and express their own sense of uniqueness. A good starting point is to replace traditional flooring with artificial grass. This might sound like an extreme step, but there is no such thing as “too much” when it comes to avant-garde interior design.

Once the grass has been fitted, it is time to fill the rooms with furniture and decorative items. These can be purchased from Royal Design. Their extensive catalogue has a plethora of products that will go well with unusual design themes. The site is perfect for people who want to imbue their homes with a sense of class.


Customers will be spoiled for choice when it comes to lamps. Just a quick glance at the items on offer from RoyalDesign will give people a sense of just how many lighting products are available. Ceiling lamps will shine on the artificial grass to give it emphasis. Alternatively, a floor lamp can create a physical connection between the grass and lighting. Their lampshades will help to give off avant-garde vibes. There are also children’s lighting items that could prove to be useful for designers of family homes.


When choosing the furniture, it is essential to be aware of how many people will be living in the home. This will help to determine whether to purchase a two or three-seat sofa from Royal Design. The tables and chairs from this site can be added to most avant-garde themed interiors. They provide not only aesthetic appeal but also functionality.

Plant Pots

Artificial grass can make rooms appear as if nature has taken over. If designers want to go further with this idea, then they could fill the home with plants. Some of the pots sold by Royal Design even have animal imagery on them. This should add an extra layer to the concept.


While a kitchen made of artificial grass might seem ridiculous, if done well it can be the starting point for a genuinely wondrous looking scullery. However, the grass is just the starting point. To make the room stylish, the designer will need to find the right kitchenware. Luckily, the grass will act as a blank canvas, complementing practically any theme.


If homeowners want to take their avant-garde ideas even further, they could wear jewellery that is consistent with the look of their home. This can be bought from Royal Design. Examples include watches, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.