What Materials Do I Need? Part One

A Spade or Turf Cutter

If you have ever laid a carpet before, you should know that artificial

turf laying is quite similar. So this means that a perfect fit is essential. The fake grass comes in convenient square pieces, and with these, you can use a cutter for the intricate parts of the job, such as cutting a piece of turf to fit around a tree or garden pond, etc. The critical point is that you need to make sure you get a precise, tight fit.


This is essential to transport the foundation which will be one of the following; heavy crushed stones, sand, gravel, grit, and so on.

Weed-Suppressing Membrane

This is the layer of material which needs to be placed above the bottom layer of gravel, (or whatever you are laying the turf’s heavy foundation on). Its purpose is to stop weeds.

Crushed Stone and Sand

This is for draining, as it enables water to pass freely. And it also acts as a solid medium to give the turf layer support.

Flatboard With Level

If you do not have one, just use a piece of wood instead. This is for smoothing and evening the surface out after you have assembled the sand and crushed stone layer.