How to Install Your Evergreen Turf

Insulating your lovely green all-seasons artificial turf will be the most time-consuming job you will ever have to do for your new lawn. But if you have opted to go DIY to avoid paying a professional, or because you get pleasure from doing things yourself, then all you really have to do is to follow the guidance on this website, and you will feel very proud of your achievement once it is all done!

Gauge Your Plot

The best part about artificial turf is the fact that you can lay it down anywhere; be it on a balcony, in a porch, or in your conservatory, and so on. The first job to undertake, where ever it may be, is to prepare the surface or foundation which the imitation turf will be going on. The prepping has to be done for evenness, as well as its capacity for draining. After that, you will need to secure it for durability. If you insulate the base of the turf really well, then it can last for as long as thirty years, so it is worth taking your time and doing a great job.

Important Aspects

The most crucial function which your foundation has to provide is its capacity to drain water. This, in turn, will guarantee that the artificial grass can deal with the rain, cleaning, and your pets’ toilet. Moreover, it will be hygienic and allow for excellent ventilation. To that end, examine the area you are going to prep, be it your garden, or a small space, and ensure that it will accommodate several extra inches in depth or height.