Bring Your Garden Indoors

Perhaps you enjoy looking at a beautiful garden and lawn and truly appreciate all types of flora, but have very little outdoor space. This can undoubtedly be a problem, and lead to challenges in balancing how much grass you want, but also being able to grow plants and flowers as well. You also need to consider the upkeep and maintenance of the lawn. Will it really be worth your while to buy a lawnmower for such a small area?

The Use of Artificial Grass

A simple solution is to use artificial grass. With advancing technology, this type of grass has become increasingly realistic but with the advantage of being easy to maintain. Of course, you will probably miss having a real lawn and watching it grow. Sometimes, an area of grass that is not perfectly manicured can be very appealing and attract insects or butterflies.

To remind yourself of natural grass, you can decorate a room in your house with products from and create the effect of bringing your garden indoors. The website is very easy to navigate, and you will soon find something suitable from their huge range. They have a search feature, and simply typing in the word grass will bring up many results.

For example, you could select the Meadow Grass wallpaper in a beautiful gold and cream option and perhaps have a featured wall in one of your rooms. You can even order murals from and surprisingly there are over 100 options to choose from that feature grass in one way or another. Just for fun, or in a child’s bedroom you could select a mural that features wild animals in grass, such as lions or cheetahs.

Artificial Plants

To further continue the theme of bringing the garden indoors, you could also have artificial plants and flowers. Admittedly they will not emit the lovely, fresh aromas associated with real flowers, but they will still look very attractive. On the upside, there will be no tedious maintenance required, no watering or feeding etc. Maybe a light dusting occasionally! Your indoor garden will be a space to relax in without any of the hard work of growing real plants.

When space is at a premium, there is nothing wrong with using artificial grass, and as you approach your senior years, you will appreciate not having to mow the lawn every week!