Artificial Grass Which Stays Cool

While it can categorically be said that artificial turf is an excellent addition to your home, as it always looks lush and green without the need for expensive maintenance and the chores of mowing and watering; there is still one thing which many see as a considerable drawback. This is the fact that some imitation grass lawns get hotter than their natural counterparts when the weather is sunny. In fact, research compiled by Penn State University shows that a poorly designed artificial grass lawn can get hotter than 175 degrees, very quickly. So naturally, this makes the ground unsuitable for children playing or sitting on the turf, as well as pets, or adults who want to have a sit down on the grass.

A Great Solution

Artificial turf does not heat up as much as concrete walkways or pavements, but it is still not as fresh as grass from nature. But luckily, there are great solutions which guarantee that the grass does not become too hot, and remains at an amenable temperature. All you really need to do is to choose certain materials, and you can even include a sub-surface cooling system.


You can help to take down the temperature

from the get-go, by shopping for a light coloured grass, as well as a light coloured infill. Be sure not to purchase rubber infills, as they tend to transfer and uptake more heat than their non-rubber counterparts. You can also put down your artificial turf under trees, which protect the ground from the sun. And get in some shade cloths to go over certain areas of the grass to block the direct sun, and lessen the heat going into the ground. These areas can then be used on hot days for children and animals, etc.