Artificial Grass vs Real Grass

These days, many people who have a garden or yard, are becoming environmentally aware, and they are also more keyed up on how they can get the best from their private spot of peace and tranquillity. Artificial turf is now massively in demand, as homeowners can see how much time and money they can save by ditching the natural muddy grass, and transforming it into a year-round evergreen garden paradise. They are all delighted when they see that in the long term, it makes their outdoor enjoyment a whole lot more fun, too!

Making a Comparison

When comparing the new deal against the old one, we find some interesting points which many people would not have thought of.

Reasons Why Artificial Turf is Amazing

When something is natural, it is often incredibly enjoyable due to the look and smell. Homeowners change to artificial turf for three reasons. Firstly, they can make substantial financial savings on water consumption. Secondly, the avoidance of toxins from the chemicals which have to be used on natural turf. And thirdly, no environmental pollution or huge costs which they have to endure from using lawn equipment and the petrol which the machinery needs.

Why People Like Natural Turf

Tradition means that we are used to a natural green lawn, even though it is only with us for a limited period, and turns bald and muddy for the rest of the year. The indelible image of the grass-is-greener is part of our heritage, and we are often reminded of our sweet childhood days when someone has just mowed the lawn.

Yet, what many people don’t realise, is that when artificial grass is laid, it can be imbued with all kinds of sweet smelling flowers, shrubs and trees. These are all things that will give us the same fantastic back to nature feeling. In fact, when we sit down on artificial grass to enjoy all these delights, we are actually much safer, as we will not have to encounter the bugs and creepy crawlies that can bite us, and give us infections.

Another benefit of real grass is the outdoor projection of a healthy garden laid with green grass. This is in contrast to a man-made lawn. Yet, the ‘healthy grass’ definitely has drawbacks, and as previously mentioned, is not possible in all the seasons.

Enjoying Artificial Turf All Year Round

Imagine taking a look out of your front window and seeing luscious green grass in all the seasons. Perhaps you have invited friends or family around, and want to take a walk with them around the garden, or sit outside, even if it is under some kind of roof if the weather is drizzling. The point is that the fabulous ambience of great green grass blades will always be present. This gives everyone an enormous uplifting effect which real grass cannot do at a particular time of the year.