Benefits of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is all the rage in the UK right now. This synthetic alternative to natural grass has been favoured by people living in both urban and rural areas. There are numerous reasons why it has become so popular.

Less Water is Needed

Natural grass requires constant hydration to stay healthy. If it gets too dry for too long, it will start to die, losing its green colour. In contrast to this, fake grass is not a living organism and therefore, does not need to be regularly watered. Owners can save on their water bill and not worry about their grass changing to an ugly brownish colour. This is especially useful for people who live in areas with water shortage or where the use of tap water is limited.

Easier to Maintain

Grass will keep growing over time. Eventually, the garden will start to look untamed and wild. This could also attract unwanted creatures such as rodents, ticks and large insects. Every gardener knows that once in a while, they have to mow their grass to an appropriate length. However, this is not the case for artificial grass. It does not grow; instead, it stays the same length forever. All that time that would be spent mowing can now be used for more fun activities.

A Better Choice for Gardeners with Mobility Concerns

Maintaining a natural grass area can be a fun, physically demanding activity for some. However, other people will not be able to handle such a demanding hobby. They may suffer from osteoarthritis or similar health problems that may cause mobility issues. Just because a person has a health condition does not mean they can not be a gardener. They have to go for a lower maintenance option. Artificial grass is ideal for wannabe gardeners who want an easier way to create a green environment.


Gardening can also be an expensive activity. Growing grass demands buying of fertiliser and weed killers. The gardener will constantly be fighting off organisms that want to eat away at the grass. Lawnmowers tend to cost a fair amount of money as well. All of this expenditure can be prevented by choosing fake grass. This grass is hardy, unchanging and not attractive food for insects. Instead of spending money over an extended period, the gardener can make a one-off payment and enjoy their constantly stable green space.

No Pesticides

Some people may find that their natural grass is at risk that they need to use pesticides. These toxic chemicals can often do more harm than good. They have been linked to decline in bee numbers among other hazards. Therefore artificial grass is not only easier but also more environmentally friendly.